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Could You Be Suffering with Maskne ?

Many clients have been complaining this year about unusual pimples and recent breakouts - after wearing the compulsory face mask.

The skin condition has been named maskne, shown on the skin in the form of red, irritated, and inflamed pimples, similar to the appearance of acne.

The mask is designed to protect us and others from fluids and moisture within our atmosphere, but having to wear a mask for any period of time can causes warmth and moisture to build up beneath the mask, combine this with breath of which the human mouth contains 100's of bacteria, part of the human flora, this can lead the way to a skin disaster.

The skin produces more sebum due to the warm conditions and the skin follicles become blocked and congested, bacteria finds its way into the follicles causing inflammation, and dust and dirt also accumulates during the day, adding to the problem.

All combined makes the perfect skin conditions for skin problems like spots, black and white heads (comedones) and even acne.

What can you do to prevent maskne?

The most important thing you can do is keep your skin squeaky clean, and treating yourself to a regular home facial.

To do a home facial you will need at least a cleanser, toner, exfoliant and mask.

Ideally you will also need a serum and moisturiser.

Tropic skincare is a true winner for many reasons, freshly made with innovative ingredients and sustainably sourced natural tropical ingredients, conscience skincare not designed to sit on your bathroom shelf.

*Award winning result driven

*Environmentally friendly

*Not tested on animals

*Vegan and much more...

*Daily you need to deep cleanse your skin, removing all traces of dirt, oils and bacteria using a face wash with active ingredients to both deep cleanse and treat the skin.

A double cleanse is recommended for ladies who wear makeup using a cleanser to remove foundation before using face wash.

*Follow with a vitamin toner this will help to remove any residue on your skin and help to close and refine pores. Also helps the absorption of further products.

Beware of some products that may be to stripping to your skin, and cause dryness and tightness.

*For a clearer complexion and helping to clean blocked pores you will need to exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week, this will help to remove dead and dry skin cells, remove excess sebum and stimulates your skin cell turnover. leaves your skin soft and glowing.

*Use an appropriate purifying deep cleansing mask or hydrating mask with your home facials, leave on your skin for 20 minutes whilst you put your feet up and take some time to relax, a good mask gives your skin some intensive treatment and some well deserved TLC.

*Ideally you should use a daily serum, treat it like your skin's food specific to your own skin needs.

You can use essential or omega oils on top of the serums if your skin needs some extra TLC especially if your skin is prone to winter dryness or you have ageing concerns.

*Always complete with an eye cream and moisturiser, imagine these are the clothes for your skin, protecting it from the environment and sun damage. A good moisturiser contains

active ingredients like anti-oxidants (vitamins) which prevents free radical damage to our skin (ageing, sun damage and pigmentation)

If you are missing your salon facial the home treatment 5- Step device using professional technology, helps stimulate facial muscle tone, rejuvenates and stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin using Radio Frequency and Red and Blue L.E.D light therapy.

If you would like a virtual consultation one to one advice please get in touch.

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